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Welcome to the House of Fun! The Funny Side of Aging – Lifestyle Fifty

We’re all getting older, it’s in the genes. Fortunately, there’s usually a bunch of us doing it at the same time. So, we get to laugh about it together and if need be cry about it together. But, there’s lots to laugh at. While funny things happen to everybody, every day, there are specific things that happen as we get older that shine a light on the funny side of aging.

For example, the memory gets a little foggier as we age. One woman found she had placed her wallet in her freezer while taking out the groceries. Another thing that is endemic as we age, our hearing gets less precise. Another woman stopped to offer a woman a lift and was told, so she thought, that the weather was lovely and the woman offered the lift did not want a lift. Sadly, the driver’s passenger alerted her to her mistake. The poor woman had actually said, “yes, that would be lovely,” only to have her ride take off on her.

Key Takeaways:

  • Getting old has its funny side and fortunately there are a lot of us “old” people to share the moments that are funny.
  • Two things that lead to funny aging moments are a greater loss of hearing and poorer memory.
  • One woman found that she had accidentally put her wallet in the freezer when she put away the groceries.

“And although we might not have time to get old, it doesn’t stop the ‘senior moments’ slipping into the equation, and they definitely require a sense of humour.”

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