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6 Rules You Should Break about Getting Older

Fortunately, aging isn’t what it used to be. Assumptions and stereotypes are going by the wayside daily, freeing more people to look and feel the way they want to at any age. Good. But some of the stereotypes, which hide in plain sight, are so normalized we can miss them. So, they persist, like weeds.

A few that may need some chopping still, is firstly, the assumption that growing older means you must cut your hair. Hair does have issues as it ages. But, if yours is still the thickness and luster and length you love, do not feel impelled to give it up due to an arbitrary social more.

Another more worth dispelling is that skin-showing should stop around the age of, oh, thirty. Keep showing off your skin if you like. Wrinkles are not a crime, nor is cellulite, or any other bugbear that makes women cover up. Moreover, there are creams for all of it. More things you should not do, just because you are inching up the age ladder? Do not stop learning. Do not stop going as fast as you want, or can. Don’t start dressing drab, or avoiding eye liner and lipstick. Be as madly fabulous as you want, for as long as you can.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invest in quality skin care products to keep your skin moist, so you look good in shorts and sleeveless tops.
  • Stay active by walking or doing any kind of exercise that is within your range of ability.
  • Keep your mind active by learning new things; online courses are a good option.

“While it’s true that as we age our hair can lose pigment, become thinner, or change texture, that doesn’t mean we should lop it all off.”

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