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Tips to Help Seniors Age at Home Safely

Seniors can age at home safely with senior home care in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

The vast majority of older individuals would prefer to age at home where they are comfortable, rather than making a move to an assisted living facility or nursing home – nearly 90 percent of them, based upon research done by AARP. And who can blame them? The comfort of home, the freedom to go wherever, whenever you would like, and preparing the meals you want when you want them are all invaluable commodities.  Read more

Home Care in Scottsdale: Do You Know Why Your Aging Loved-One Isn't Bathing?

Do You Know Why Your Senior is Avoiding Bathing?

Many more aging adults than you might think, avoid bathing alone. Your senior might have developed some workarounds that have kept you from noticing that anything has changed. The sooner that you figure out what’s creating the situation, the sooner you can resolve it.

Pain Can Be a Big Contributing Factor

If it’s painful for your aging family member to bend, stand, or sit for too long, then bathing or showering can actually hurt, too. Pain is a big reason that people avoid specific activities. She might not share this information with you because it can be embarrassing to admit that something that she has done for years is now something that she avoids because it hurts too badly.

Fear Is Also a Motivator

As embarrassing as it is to admit that bathing hurts, it can be just as embarrassing to admit that there’s anything about bathing that makes your senior afraid. A fear of falling or of becoming incapacitated when in the shower or tub can make your aging family member avoid bathing. She may also become afraid that she can’t get out of the tub herself or that bathing will be uncomfortable for her.

Bathing Could Simply Be Inconvenient or Exhausting

Depending on your elderly family member’s health conditions, bathing can be inconvenient or even extremely tiring for her. If that’s the case, then she may also become afraid that she could wear herself out in the bath and be unable to get out. For so many reasons, she may simply think it’s better to save her energy and to avoid bathing or showering completely.

Get to the Bottom of the Issue

If you even suspect that your elderly family member is avoiding bath time, it’s time to get to the root cause. You can get help with bathing and other personal care tasks from home care providers. They can also help you to spot the signs that can lead you to the full cause of the issues that your elderly family member is having. It’s not always one cut and dry problem that is making issues. It’s often a combination of situations that add up and create a bigger problem.

Once you know why bathing has become such an issue for your elderly family member, you can start to find solutions that will work for her and for you. Getting used to those solutions might take some time, so remember to be patient and don’t push your elderly family member to adapt too quickly.

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