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Ochsner Health System uses AI to detect early warning signs in patients

Ochsner Health System of New Orleans has used a mix of Microsoft’s Azure cloud and Epic’s machine learning technology to implement an AI system that analyzes patterns in order to predict and understand adverse events. This system has reduced adverse events outside the ICU by over 40 percent in just three months of operation. This represents enormous promise given that adverse events cost hundreds of billions of dollars and impact tens of millions of patients in US and European clinical organizations every year.

Key Takeaways:

  • When the AI platform was piloted for 3 months, it was found to decrease adverse events outside the ICU by 44 percent.
  • These AI platform will aid Ochsner Health System to deliver a higher quality of care that is life changing.
  • Hospital-acquired infections and pressure ulcers are other areas of healthcare the health system hopes to be able to apply the AI platform.

“Overall, adverse events end up costing a boatload of money”

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