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How Technology Can Help Seniors Drive More Safely

As we age the ability to do some things may decrease. Decreases in the ability to drive a car can be especially problematic. Thankfully advances in technology have created ways to make this a more comfortable experience. The author here explains some of these advancements to help Seniors with this problem. For example podcasts can provide information for gatherings of awareness, therapy classes and support groups. Technology itself has provided warning systems in vehicles to make a driver aware of potential hazards with their driving habits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Studies show older drivers could use awareness of new cars and their technology
  • Some newer vehicles come equipped with back-up-camera, front collision warnings, automatic emergency breaking, etc
  • some insurance companies offer driver’s training for seniors with newer vechiles

“For most of us who live outside cities with great public transit, losing the ability to drive can be an isolating and traumatic event. That’s especially true for seniors who live alone or in pedestrian-unfriendly suburbs.”

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