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7 Summer Hydration Tips for Seniors

Summer can be a dangerous time for elderly people whose hydration isn’t properly monitored and sustained. Dehydration can easily sneak up on senior citizens, so they and their caregivers should be prepared to keep them in good health by following a few easy steps. First and foremost, always have water on hand. Also be aware of whether any of the senior’s medications cause dehydration as a side effect. Stay hydrated through diet by eating fruits and other foods that have high water content, and avoid excessive salt. Finally, try drinking more iced drinks and drinks made with ice, like slushie drinks.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is a good idea to try and always keep water on hand during hot summer days
  • Eating lots of fruits and other foods with high water content (i.e., gelatin) will go a long way in maintaining hydration
  • Be on the lookout for foods with excessive salt content, as those can raise the risk of a person becoming dehydrated

“Dehydration is tricky and may not be noticed immediately, but it can have some severe consequences if not caught in time.”

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