How Personalized Activities for Seniors Increase Quality of Life

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Is a senior loved one participating in activities on a regular basis, or is she stuck in a rut that commonly is comprised of watching television, eating, and sleeping? Particularly during this time of quarantining and isolation, it can be challenging to maintain an active and involved way of living – but it’s vitally important for the health and quality of life of older adults.

At Endeavor In Home Care, we believe that boosting home care services with enriching activities for seniors is a key aspect to ensuring the highest quality of life. Endeavor In Home Care is one of the most trusted senior care providers, in part because we believe that our clients deserve to be honored with activities they enjoy to live life to the fullest each and every day. This means customizing activities to correspond to each person’s unique interests, hobbies, and ability levels.

Our person-centered care commences with finding out as much as possible about the older adult’s likes, dislikes, goals, hobbies and interests, and life history. We get to know the senior through an interview that may also include other family members if desired, and then develop a personalized plan of care to include a variety of appropriate enrichment activities.

Some of the benefits of enrichment activities for seniors include:

  • Lessen boredom and lack of enthusiasm
  • Enhance self-confidence and independence
  • Restore or improve purpose and meaning to life
  • Help improve memory
  • Restore physical abilities
  • Foster a sense of wellbeing for seniors struggling with a chronic condition

Successfully increasing older adults’ day-to-day experiences means not just tailoring their activities to meet their specific preferences and tastes, but also ensuring that their daily routine has some variety. This means that on one day we might concentrate on activities that are designed to boost their creativity with a simple but meaningful art project. On another day, the focus may be on just having fun with a game of cards or taking a short walk around the neighborhood. Ultimately, our senior home care services will be developed to help seniors achieve the highest possible quality of life.

It is equally important to utilize some creative consideration when identifying activities for older adults during a time such as this when it’s best for seniors to stay at home, such as taking virtual field trips to investigate places of interest, making full use of technologies like Skype and Zoom to stay in touch with friends and family, or streaming a live concert for a particularly enjoyed genre of music and dancing, singing, or tapping toes together. We’re always here for you to help spark creative ideas!

At Endeavor In Home Care, a top-rated Chandler adult home care provider serving the surrounding areas in Arizona, enhancing older adults’ daily lives and maximizing their independence are central components of our mission. Our home care services are developed not only to assist with seniors’ physical needs, but to enhance their daily life experiences as well. Contact us any time at 480-498-2324 to learn more about our care team and the care services we provide.