Alternatives To Assisted Living

Alternatives to Assisted Living

Many people see assisted living facilities as a step up from a nursing home, which is generally the case, while assisted living facilities are also considered a step down from living at home. Most seniors would agree that they would prefer to live at home rather than being “put in a home”.

Thankfully there are alternatives to assisted living which can provide the same standard of living, safety, and care that would be required of an aging loved one. While there are many alternatives, the most preferred alternative to assisted living is home aids, or home care givers, and companion care services.

Home Aids as an Alternative to Assisted Living

Home care givers, or home aids, are a great alternative to living in an assisted living facility. Home aids allow a senior to live at home while receiving the adequate assistance they need. As an RN (registered nurse) or a CNA (certified nurse assistant), home aids are trained and qualified to provide needed assistance with basic medical needs such as giving shots, applying an IV, physical therapy, or other similar services.

Unlike an assisted living facility, which typically only has one nurse to every 20 or so residents, having a home aid alleviates any worry that your aging loved one wouldn’t receive the necessary attention he or she needs.

Companion Care as an Alternative to Assisted Living Facilities
In some cases, where an elderly loved one does not require constant, or skilled care, but rather only requires assistance with day to day tasks, then companion care is also a great alternative to being in an assisted living facility. Companion care, or elder companions, is care givers who can provide assistance with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, or even running errands.

Many seniors have no problem living on their own or taking care of themselves but occasionally need some basic assistance with tasks that they either struggle with, or are unable to complete due to a disability or sickness. In these cases, an elder companion can provide the required assistance on an hourly, daily, monthly, or occasional basis where needed.

While living at home is almost always preferred, many seniors defer to living in a nursing home or assisted living facility due to misconceptions. The major misconceptions being:

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