Advice for Including Aging Loved Ones in Holiday Festivities

Learn how to best include aging loved ones in holiday festivities.

Though the holiday season is normally a joyful time of high spirits, filled with visiting loved ones who are nearest and dearest, for seniors, it can be far from merry and bright. A combination of lost loved ones, health problems, memories of holidays past, and more can impact seniors with emotions of sadness and loneliness, and it can make including aging loved ones in holiday festivities challenging.

At Endeavor In Home Care, providers of respite care in Gilbert and surrounding areas, we truly care about making sure that seniors feel included in the celebrations and enjoy the holidays to the fullest. These guidelines can help everyone enjoy the wonder of the holiday season together:

  • Develop a cookbook with recipes from family members. Collect all the recipes, and then print and copy your new family cookbook.
  • Get nostalgic, and view the holiday lights in an old community that your older family member grew up in.
  • If the aging loved one has trouble getting around to put up holiday decorations, offer your help! It would be a great way to share memories attached to old holiday decorations. Endeavor In Home Care can also offer help with holiday decorating.
  • For a holiday that is truly relaxing, plan quality time at a local beauty shop or spa. You can even arrange for a local beautician or masseuse to come to the senior’s home if it’s possible.

Safety measures are also very important to keep in mind for aging loved ones for a number of reasons: challenges with adhering to a prescribed dietary plan, increased fall risks with all of the extra holiday decorations, and for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia, interruption of a daily routine, extra visitors in the home, and higher noise levels can all trigger stress.

Keep these points in mind to ensure older adults remain safe and content:

  • Decoration safety is key. Ensure that there are clear walking paths, and try to make use of simple, uncluttered decorations. 
  • Subdued lighting can hide objects that aging adults could possibly trip over, like extension cords.
  • Establish a quiet, calm space for the senior if the excitement of young children, loud music and activities become overwhelming.
  • Appoint someone to be the older adult’s “buddy” for the event, ensuring his or her needs are fully met and creating a bond that is wonderful for both.

The holiday season can surely be an exciting time for all. With some prior planning and additional thought, including aging loved ones in holiday festivities can create memories that the whole family will remember for a lifetime.

And, if in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, you could use the help and support of a professional caregiver, reach out to Endeavor In Home Care, provider of the best respite care in Gilbert and the surrounding areas. Call us at 480-498-2324 or contact us online to learn more about how we can brighten the holiday season for you and your family and for more ideas for fun activities for the elderly to enjoy this holiday season.