10 Dementia Warning Signs to Look for this Holiday Season

When family members gather for the holiday season, it can be an important time to take notice of an elderly loved one’s state of health. In particular, family members should be on the lookout for common signs and symptoms of dementia. Some symptoms to look out for include disruptive lapses in memory, a difficulty with planning or basic problem solving, trouble completing normal tasks, confusion about time or place, communication difficulties, self-imposed isolation, mood swings, and losing track of things, among others. A loved one who is presenting with any of these symptoms should be given immediate support to ensure their health and safety in the long term.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you spend some quality time with your loved ones over the holidays, you may spot subtle changes in their behavior, which could signal early stages of dementia.
  • Some common signs of dementia to be watchful for include memory lapses, difficulty in problem-solving, getting lost, confusion in using appliances, and misplacing personal belongings.
  • Should you notice any signs of dementia in a loved one, it may be time to speak to a dementia care specialist for guidance.

“Spending time with loved ones during the holidays means it’s easier to spot small changes in behavior that could be the early stages of memory impairment.”

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