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Which cancer screenings do older adults need?

Sunrise Senior Living recommends and provides information on resources on cancer screening for older adults. These recommended screenings include looking for lung, colon, prostate, breast and cervical cancer. It is important to have these tests done because many, if not most, of these cancers are more likely the older a person is. Keeping tabs on health and wellness is important to quality of life and wellbeing and Sunrise will be able to help with any questions or thoughts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cancer screenings are important for older adults because they are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer
  • It is important for caregivers to know which cancer screenings are the most important for their patient to be scheduled for
  • The American cancer society has created a handy schedule of cancer screenings for each age group

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Read more: https://www.sunriseseniorliving.com/blog/september-2017/which-cancer-screenings-do-older-adults-need.aspx