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The 4 Friends Everyone Needs For A Happy Retirement

Whether or not a retired person finds fulfillment and satisfaction post retirement will depend a great deal on the individuals they surround themselves with during this new phase of life. When it comes to post retirement companions, there are a few options that have been proven to work well for retirees. One benefit of retirement is that it affords individuals with new opportunity to reconnect with old friends from childhood. Retirees also benefit from finding friends who share interests and hobbies with them. Additionally, it is always wise to be close with at least one friend who understands the ins and outs of finance. Finally, retirees should seek out at least one companion who keeps a busy and work-filled lifestyle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Retirement provides retirees with a perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends from childhood and reinvest in those connections
  • Retirees will benefit from seeking out other individuals who share with them the same types of hobbies and interests
  • It is always helpful to have at least one close friend who is financially literate and understands the ins and outs of finance matters

“Retiring is more than just finding things to do with your time and having enough money to live well. A happy retirement also depends on who you’re spending that precious time with.”

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