How to Overcome the Challenges of Teaching Technology to Seniors

Teaching Technology to Seniors

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Seniors today are inundated with a surge of high-tech products aimed at elevating their self-reliance and safety and contributing to life enhancement. Teaching technology to seniors means that with the touch of a button or two, seniors can instantaneously visit “in person” with family and friends through Skype, wear a necklace that responds with emergency services when needed, and even stay safe from getting lost with specialized sensors attached to clothing or shoes.

The question becomes how to encourage older individuals (and those who care for them) to move from a low-tech mindset to enjoying all that’s available to them, something that is always top of mind for us at Endeavor In-Home Care. A recent research report showed that as few as 15% of families caring for aging loved ones are actually making use of technology.

Several frequent hurdles:

A perceived stigma. Many people may consider the use of some technology, such as medical alert jewelry, as equal to a loss of their independence .

Requiring help. Troubleshooting problems with technology causes many older adults and their caregivers to quit trying to get devices to work.

A lack of time. Finding time for teaching technology to seniors is especially problematic for busy families who care for their loved ones.

If you want to try to integrate healthcare technologies into senior caregiving but are experiencing these difficulties, call on Endeavor In-Home Care for help. Our competent and patient care aides can help overcome the technological barriers by:

  • Making recommendations for technology that fit a loved one’s personality and challenges
  • Implementing and providing training on how to use the technology

Whether it is teaching someone how to enjoy software on a tablet device, or arranging for a personal medical alert system, we can keep older adults connected to friends and family and help them enjoy life to the fullest. Contact our Phoenix home care team any time at 480-498-2324 to learn more about how our home caregivers in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area can help a senior you love. For more information about all of the areas we serve in Arizona, please visit our Service Area page.