Alzheimer’s Care can Help Patients Be Productive and Happy.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease is terrifying. Even at the early-onset stage it delivers images of a loved one, or maybe of you, sitting unresponsively in a nursing home activity room. Alzheimer’s, however, is a progressive disease, and may take years to advance. As a matter of fact, some early-onset Alzheimer’s patients continue to work. Employers, under the Americans with Disabilities Act, make accommodations for employees with the disease, just as they would for those with other impairments.

Phoenix  Alzheimer's careSome of the accommodations are the same ones used at home for individuals in the early stages of the disease. Employers provide a voice-activated recorder to give the employee verbal instructions, make checklists of tasks and reduce the peripheral jobs to concentrate on primary functions. With accommodations at work and some in-home Alzheimer’s care in Phoenix and nearby areas from a senior care service many people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s live productive and happy lives for years. The in-home care can be adjusted as the patient needs more assistance. That continuity is a source of comfort and assurance as the disease progresses.

In addition to workplace accommodations, many patients find that they remember more and function better with memory training. This is another service that Endeavor Home Care, an expert provider of Phoenix Alzheimer’s care and home care in nearby areas, can provide. The caregivers can become trusted friends that add to the security and self reliance of Alzheimer’s patients, especially when they are able to offer the added resource of prayer and faith.

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is frightening and life-changing, but with assistance, early-onset patients can still be productive and vital. That’s where we come in. If you have questions about how we can help you or a loved one cope with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, contact us.

Sharing Elder Care Responsibilities with Siblings

Providing elder care for an aging loved one is a tremendous responsibility that requires not just the dedication, but also an incredible amount of time and energy. If you are facing the prospect of providing elderly home care for your parents, you may find that fulfilling the role of an elder care provider may require you to neglect other areas of your life such as your relationship, your children, your career and yourself. By sharing the responsibilities of providing elder care for your parents with your siblings, you are not only giving your parents the opportunity to spend time with all of their children and your siblings the opportunity to provide care and support for your parents, you are giving yourself the freedom to take care of other responsibilities in your life without feeling as though you are neglecting your parents.

If you are considering sharing elder care responsibilities for your parents with your siblings, it is important that you engage in careful planning and establish open lines of communication from the very beginning. Start by gathering your siblings and parents together for a meeting at which you will discuss with the arrangement and how the responsibilities will be shared. It is important that each sibling agrees to specific responsibilities and that everyone involved is aware of the responsibilities of everyone else so that each of you can be held accountable for upholding your end of the agreement.

Sharing elder care responsibilities with your siblings could mean splitting the week up so that each of you is responsible for providing care on specific days, or identifying specific responsibilities that each sibling will fulfill.

These responsibilities include:

  • Grocery shopping for your parents
  • Verifying in picking up prescriptions
  • Bringing your parents to doctors’ appointments and treatments
  • Cleaning the home
  • Doing laundry for your parents
  • Preparing meals
  • Participating in entertainment or recreational activities with your parents
  • Bathing and grooming considerations
  • Shopping for clothing and other necessities
  • Managing finances

Though it may seem too formal for the cooperation of siblings, writing down the division of responsibilities within your elder care arrangement help ensure everyone involved is in agreement. This also organizes the arrangement so that it can be easily work referred to if there is any confusion or conflict in the future.

When researching options for Mesa senior home care or elder care throughout the surrounding areas, call us at (480) 535-6800. Home care counselors at Endeavor In-Home Care are available to talk with you about your in-home care needs including how to reduce caregiver stress while providing better, affordable care.