Senior Care in Paradise Valley, AZ: The Challenges for Seniors Diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes

Seniors diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes have many challenges to face to keep their health on an even keel. Once diagnosed, some important lifestyle changes need to be made, and those changes could be complicated depending on the senior’s overall condition.

Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercise often are the first lines of defense when it comes to controlling diabetes. For those on fixed incomes, affordable food sometimes does not add up to a balanced diet. If a senior has additional health issues and does not exercise, then starting a workout routine can be a daunting prospect. The goal should be to apply corrections in both of these areas as much as possible.

Medical Guidance

Medical guidance can help a senior learn more about nutrition to make better choices at the grocery store. Starting an exercise routine can depend on the person’s condition. Even as little as two, 10-minute sessions a day could begin to make a difference in overall health. The key motivator is that diet and exercise help manage this disease effectively in many patients.


Transportation to and from medical appointments also can be an issue. With a diabetes diagnosis, more health monitoring is necessary to maintain appropriate levels of treatment. Senior care services offering transportation may be able to help. Qualifying seniors also may be able to participate in local government transit programs at reduced cost, which may provide rides to and from doctors’ offices.

Lack of medical assistance because of tight finances may be at the root of most undiagnosed diabetes cases. Type-2 Diabetes, left untreated, can damage kidneys, lead eventually to blindness and cause other life-threatening conditions. If these conditions already are taking hold, there can be additional challenges and expenses to maintain the senior’s quality of life. These challenging elements are why early detection is crucial.

Check-Ups are VERY Important

Make the time for checkups with your doctor and make note of any physical changes you may be experiencing, such as excessive thirst or fatigue. Taking control of diabetes is much easier and cheaper to confront in its earlier stage than trying to manage an advanced case. The challenges, while daunting at first, can be tackled one by one with planning, knowledge and outside assistance.

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