Senior Care in Chandler, AZ: World Heart Day Sept 29, 2012Teaches Us to Be Aware of Stroke and Heart Disease

The risk of developing heart disease or stroke is higher for individuals suffering from an unhealthy weight, harmful diet and a lack of physical activity. It also increases for tobacco users and those with high stress levels. Heart attacks do not always happen suddenly and may take some time for pain and discomfort to be recognized as a symptom. Chest pain is often the most associated symptom. Other symptoms may include discomfort in certain areas of the body, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and cold sweats. Although men and women typically experience similar symptoms, women are more likely to suffer from back pain, shortness of breath and nausea. The warning signs for a stroke may be more apparent. It can include numbness, confusion, severe headache, dizziness and a sudden onset of coordination problems.

The World Heart Federation was created to raise awareness among everybody across about these deadly diseases. This organization is an advocate for healthy living and developed the World Heart Day to promote health and wellness across the globe. Created in 2000, the World Heart Day is observed on September 29 of each year and features concerts, sporting events, national runs and walks, public discussions and health screenings.

World Heart Day 2012 focuses on the importance of understanding heart disease in women and children. The intention is to successfully raise awareness among women and children as well as their loved ones and encourage them to lead healthier lifestyles to reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). Children are often at risk because of their inability to make certain heart-healthy decisions concerning their environment and diet. Women are more likely to be the educator and enforcer within a household so it is important that they are well-informed to have the ability to pass on the knowledge they acquire to their loved ones.

Many of the individuals and volunteers of the World Heart Federation have been affected by CVD and are willing to share their experiences with others. Reaching out to others and sharing the knowledge of acquiring a heart-friendly lifestyle is the primary goal of World Heart Day. Addressing important issues such as the dangers of high blood pressure and the regular use of tobacco can help spread awareness to others and bring people together to lower the numbers of those who may become affected by deadly diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

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