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Re-Branding Dementia Advocacy

One of the most detrimental and horrifying ailments of old age, and one that has become prevalent in recent years, is that of dementia. Whether in terms of memory loss, cognitive functioning loss, or other crucial aspects of daily life, dementia is something that worries a great deal of people. However, by advocating and raising awareness in a specific manner, it can do wonders to bring positivity and help to those who suffer from the debilitating ailment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Campaigns that use militaristic language and framing can unintentionally erase the humanity of the people who live with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Campaigns that insinuate that there can only be survivors of the disease after a cure is found unintentionally alienate those who live with it and minimize their accomplishments
  • The slogan ‘Remember Me’ might be interpreted as dehumanizing and devaluing the existence of people who can no longer retain memories of their past lives

“the implication of living in the past is that the person is fading away, becoming less valuable, even less human than he used to be.”

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