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Practical Tips on Preparing for Elder Emergencies

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, the situation can grow especially dire for elderly people if they are not well prepared to handle such an event in advance. Therefore, loved ones and caretakers of senior citizens should take time to prep the senior individual on emergency response protocols. Some important steps to take include making sure that any important documents are copied, waterproofed, and located in easily retrievable areas; copying house keys; going over emergency contacts; writing down medication lists; talking to care facilities about plans for evacuation (if applicable); uploading photographs and paperwork to computers; preparing insurance related documentation; and scanning important documents and papers, among others. These steps do not take much time or effort to complete, but they can make a world of difference should an emergency situation arise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Important documents should be uploaded to digital storage, copied, waterproofed, and kept in easily accessed locations
  • The elderly individual should be aware of who their emergency contacts will be, and a list of contacts and their information should be kept in a safe and easily reached place
  • If an elderly loved one resides in a care facility, take time to speak with the care staff about their plans for evacuation in the event of an emergency

“With a few minutes of your time and their help, your elder can be prepared for any kind of emergency, reducing your worry and their exposure.”

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