Moving To Assisted Living

[title size=”1″]Are You Considering Assisted Living?[/title]
When we were young our parents cared for and raised us into the adults we are. Now, in their golden years, we want to provide them with the same comfort and quality of life they provided for us during our childhood.

The decision of moving a parent to assisted living is one of the toughest choices you will ever have to make. You must weigh your ability to live your own life against the desire to care for your loved ones. If you feel that you have reached the limit of what you can do for your loved ones, it may be time to move them into an assisted living center.

[title size=”2″]Know When to Move to Assisted Living[/title]
Here are some signs that your loved one may be ready to move to assisted living:

  • Are you worried about your loved one falling and not being able to call for help?
  • Do you have to keep track of their medications to be sure they do not miss a dose or take too many?
  • Is your loved one frightened to leave their home for fear of being injured?
  • Are they having trouble keeping track of their own finances?
  • Does your parent suffer from a bleeding disorder, or a condition like diabetes?
  • Does your parent often misplace items or forget things that are important?
  • Have you noticed them suffering from periods of confusion?

[title size=”3″]An Alternative to Assisted Living[/title]
Moving a parent into assisted living is one of the toughest things you can ever do.  The feeling of dragging your parent from the home they love is one of disappointment with yourself. If you believe your parent would be able to stay at their homes with a little help, there may be another option. In-home senior care is the best alternative to assisted living.

In home senior care is just what it sounds like. Highly trained medical professionals will go to your parent’s home and help them with their everyday needs. This allows you to stay close to you parents in their time of need, and allows parent to stay in their home.

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