How to Plan Holiday Activities for Aging Adults

Here are some tips for planning holiday activities for aging adults.

The holidays are filled with parties, celebrations, and get-togethers. Yet for older adults, holiday outings call for a little extra planning, and sometimes, it’s challenging for family members to plan holiday activities for aging adults. Try these tips from the Chandler home care experts at Endeavor In Home Care to enjoy joyful activities with loved ones of all ages this holiday season.

Before leaving home, consider:

  • If the location is flat or has steps or hills to climb.
  • How much walking is required and if there will be parking close by.
  • If there is cover and shade.
  • If there is wheelchair access (if appropriate).
  • The location of the bathroom facilities.
  • Whether there is seating available if the older adult wants to rest.

Be flexible for possible changes to the plans:

  • Ensure you have all required medicines with you, and bring an extra supply, in case the outing lasts longer or takes an unexpected turn.
  • Bring along any extra clothing that may be needed, such as rain and sun protection.
  • Bring snacks and drinks, in the event of a delay.

Need some suggestions for holiday activities for aging adults? Check out the following:

  • If possible and the aging adult seems willing, invite him or her to your home to help with decorating for the holidays.
  • Go for a relaxing family drive to look at the area holiday lights.
  • Take the senior to a holiday party at the local senior center.
  • Attend community plays; in addition to the local theater or ballet, there are reasonably priced plays and shows presented at local schools.

When participating in any holiday activities, take things slow and create a relaxing environment to make sure the senior is content and comfortable. 

And remember, even if you aren’t able to make it to every holiday event, Endeavor In Home Care offers companion care in Chandler, AZ and the surrounding areas that can help the aging adult in your life enjoy holiday activities! The Chandler home care experts at Endeavor can offer support by boosting a senior’s independence while providing companionship and outstanding care during the holiday season and all through the year! Contact our dedicated senior care professionals at 480-498-2324 or online to discover more. See the full list of towns we service throughout Arizona.