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How Caregivers Can Improve Senior Safety

As people age, many times their cognitive and physical capabilities decline, and negatively affects their safety and independence. On top of that, seniors are also more prone to falls, injuries, and even crimes. A caregiver can help to create a safe living area, through several options: Making their home senior-friendly (no loose furniture or dark areas), finding a care facility that prioritizes safety (through home care, independent living community, or assisted living), ensuring outdoor safety, investing in senior-safety devices (LifeAlert, for example), make sure their medications are always in stock, and install a smart home security system. These are just a few ideas to help the senior in your life live more comfortably, and safely.

Key Takeaways:

  • The senior population 65 and up is expected to double to 98 million by 2060, and they seniors need a safe environment
  • Consider bathrooms, properly designed eldercare facilities, and safety devices as being utmost importance
  • The best thing for a senior is having the power to live a life with minimum assistance, and these tips will help you provide that

“Regardless of whether your senior lives with you or separately, it is crucial for you to create a safe environment for your aging relative in order to protect him/her from unforeseen events that can adversely affect his/her quality of life.”

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