Home Care Services vs. Visiting Nurse: Understanding the Difference in Phoenix, AZ

There are many different types of senior care arrangements available, and it is important to understand the specifications of each different type in order to make the decision that is most appropriate for your aging loved one. If you have recognized that your aging loved one has increased needs in terms of meeting daily activities of life, managing health concerns or simply staying active; establishing a beneficial home care services arrangement can help your aging loved one remain independent in his own home while still staying safe and healthy for the long term. It is easy to become confused as to the details of each type of senior care because many of them sound extremely similar. Contacting the home health care services agency in your area and asking for further information can help to clarify the different senior care options that are available to you so you can select the one that is geared most specifically towards the needs of your loved one.

One source of senior care confusion is the difference between home care services companions and visiting nurses. While these may sound as though they are the same thing, they do not offer the same types of services and are appropriate for different seniors.

The main difference between a home care services companion in a visiting nurse is that a visiting nurse offers primarily medical services and is qualified to administer medications and other treatments. This nurse will visit the home and take care of medical needs such as redressing wounds, administering medications, taking vital signs and otherwise providing medical care for your aging loved one. This type of nurse is not responsible for activities of daily living or providing extensive companionship. While the nurse may spend time with your aging loved one and even help with some immediate needs such as tidying up the room or preparing a fast meal, these are not her central responsibilities and she will be more focused on taking care of physical or medical needs.

Home care services companions, on the other hand, do not administer medications or medical treatments, but rather encourage seniors to be responsible for their own medical care through offering medication reminders and treatment compliance encouragement. Home care service companions are also true companions, providing emotional support and friendship that boosts the emotional health and well-being of seniors. An in home care provider can take care of tasks of daily living such as running errands, light housekeeping, light meal preparation and basic pet care while also helping your aging loved one with mobility issues, bathing, dressing, hygiene and other similar needs.

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