Consumers in Tucson, AZ overwhelmingly prefer home care delivered services to institutional care.

Home care in Tucson, AZ is more often preferred because it:

• keeps families together

• supports independence

• is significantly less expensive and more efficient than other forms of long term care

• prevents or postpones institutionalization

• involves the individual and family in services that are delivered

• represents the best American tradition

Home care is both the oldest and newest form of health care. Traditionally given at home throughout the centuries, home care now is taking advantage of modern technologies, making virtually anything that can be done in a hospital available at home. Home care is the most cost effective and satisfying type of health service available.

Life Expectancy Increasing

Life expectancy is increasing in the United States, and the Baby Boom generation is poised between midlife and old age. Increasingly, chronic disease management is becoming the most common of health concerns, rather than acute illness.

Hospital Stays are Shorter

With hospital stays becoming shorter, same-day surgery increasing and nursing home care shifting to focus on rehabilitative care, the trend to access home care continues to grow.

Here are some reasons why home care services will continue to be in demand:

• Home care is delivered at home. Home is our refuge and the place where we feel safe and secure. When we are not feeling well, the comforts of home and being surrounded by loved ones makes a difference.

• Home care keeps families together. Patient and family are taught to participate in their health care. Home care by definition involves the family as caregivers. Supporting patient and family is especially important in the time of illness.

• Home care promotes healing. There is much scientific evidence that patients heal more quickly at home.

• Home care prevents or postpones institutionalization. No one wants to move to a nursing home unless that is the only place where total, 24-hour care can be obtained.

• Home care helps people remain independent. People from birth to old age may have a health condition requiring care. Home care’s clinical and supportive services can make the difference to achieve staying in one’s home.

• Home care is personalized. Home care is tailored to meet the needs of the individual client. It is delivered one-to-one.

• Home care reduces stress. Unlike most forms of health care, which can increase anxiety and stress, home care has the opposite effect.

• Home care is an efficient form of health care. This is because it is personalized, it uses the patient’s own home, instructs the patient, enlists the patient’s family as caregivers, cuts down on travel to hospitals and minimizes hospital stays.

• Home care is less expensive that other forms of care. Evidence from studies in the U.S. and Canada demonstrate that home care is always less expensive than hospitalizations and almost always less costly than comparable nursing home care.

• Home care is an effective form of health care. There is very high consumer satisfaction associated with care delivered in the home.

Health care has been traditionally given in the home setting for generations. With technology developing services that can be offered in the home—along with the compassionate and competent professionals who deliver home care—the future looks bright for increased service delivery. Consumers will continue to demand home care services as a convenient, and cost-effective, form of health care.

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