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GoGoGrandparent lets Elderly call an Uber without a smartphone

The recent innovation of digitally based rideshare apps, accessed via smartphone, has been filled with great levels of both promise and frustration for elderly people and their advocates. While the utility of rideshare services would greatly benefit seniors who are no longer capable of driving themselves, the smartphone requirement has rendered many of these useful apps inaccessible to elderly individuals who struggle to use newer technology. Thankfully, a new service called GoGoGrandparent has emerged to rectify this problem. Through the use of this service, elderly people will now have access to rideshare services without needing to own a smartphone first.

Key Takeaways:

  • Individuals can sign up for this service completely free of any charge, but it does cost money to use and book rides
  • The service is available in Canada and every US state aside from Alaska or the city of Austin in Texas
  • Loved ones who make the booking for their senior can enjoy peace of mind as the service will provide them with updates along the way

“GoGoGrandparent is a service that’s seeking to close the rideshare access gap by giving older people a way to access Uber and Lyft without a smartphone or a computer.”

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