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Eight Ways to Improve Quality and Dignity for Aging Adults

Above all, anyone caring for senior citizens needs to always show them kindness, courtesy and respect. This can include giving more privacy when they change or use the toilet and providing a more dignified, restaurant-like atmosphere in the dining hall. Maintain meticulous notes and charts of everything, as they can be crucial in a crisis. Also, take care of yourself by including some strength and flexibility exercises in your daily routine, or even joining a caregiver support group for emotional support.

Key Takeaways:

  • Remember to show dignity and respect to seniors. They need it as patients. Simple gestures as respecting their privacy and speaking politely are essential.
  • In the dining hall, promote the dignity and independence of residents as seniors. Making changes when necessary can drastically improve their dining experience.
  • They should see you practicing good hygiene such as washing your hands when you enter the room. This is reassuring to them that you care about germs.

“With a little effort, we can fulfill our goal of helping our senior patients enhance their quality of life with dignity and purpose while remaining professional.”

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