Does Your Loved One’s Dementia Care Take Scientific Research into Account?

In February 2015, The American Journal of Psychiatry presented review results that in the future, may just make diabetes management a part of dementia care. The article titled, “Modifiable Predictors of Dementia in Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”, highlighted an unmistakable connection between the two health problems. It also provided suggestions on what should be done about it. Currently on the researchers’ table are recommendations to adjust at-risk seniors’ diets and improve chronic disease management on all fronts. Early screening for MCI and other mental health conditions is also being suggested by some members of the medical community.

dementia care

We take ongoing dementia and Alzheimer’s research very seriously, and incorporate new findings into our practices.

At Endeavor Senior Care of Scottsdale, we take ongoing Alzheimer’s disease research seriously. Consequently, we pride ourselves on informing Arizona’s families of any advancements that may help improve the lives of their loved ones. Our caregivers are trained to utilize a proven dementia care management system known as AlzBetter® and details about the program may be found here. In addition, registered nurses and occupational therapists are essential parts of our home care team.

Our registered nurses can help dementia care patients manage their diabetes medications. They can also work with other medical professionals to ensure that patients’ comorbidities don’t unnecessarily contribute to dementia driven, cognitive decline. Nutritional care plans that address patients’ increased folate needs and provide other interventions that may enrich their quality of life can be formulated as well. Why?

We let the unique, personal needs of our dementia care patients and their families take precedence. So no matter what advancements in dementia home care come down the pike, we’re poised to help Arizona’s families live better lives. To learn more about Endeavor Senior Care’s dementia care program and what our staff can do to help families now, please contact us. Our corporate office is in Scottsdale but we serve locations throughout the Phoenix Valley. The list includes, but isn’t limited to Fountain Hills, Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson, Sun City and Paradise Valley.