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Caregivers Draw Support By Mapping Their Relationships

The Atlas of Caregiving is an association based out of the San Francisco Bay Area that has now released a new tool called CareMaps. The goal of CareMaps is to inquire and gather information surrounding various family caregivers in order to see what shapes their experiences as individuals, and what activities they participate in throughout the day. It allows viewers to see firsthand how a web of care is outsourced from person to person, creating a great support system as a result.

Key Takeaways:

  • AARP and Pearson sponsored the first development of CareMap through an individual who mapped out her client’s care.
  • Utilizing CareMaps can help individuals make decisions about their loved ones or others that they care for.
  • The pilot project studied 14 separate families and followed them to see the relationships surrounding each web of care.

“CareMaps are an intriguing new tool created by the Atlas of Caregiving, an ambitious project that hopes to gather comprehensive data about family caregivers.”

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