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Busting Senior-Care Myths: My Parents Don’t Qualify for VA Benefits

Navigating health benefits and care for seniors can be difficult and expensive, and one can’t always be sure if full coverage will be awarded. Senior lists five “myths” that exist about VA coverage and how Aid & Attendance pension benefit coverage can help with the rightful care veterans. Included is information about who qualifies(more than just career veterans or those injured in combat), where you have to live to qualify and whether or not spouses could also receive those benefits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aid and Attendance can help pay for veterans to receive help in self-care even though many don’t think they are qualified.
  • The amount available to vets is around $1700 per month with surviving spouses qualifying for $1153 in benefits.
  • Vets can qualify if they served 90 days of active duty and at least 1 day during Congress defined times of war, but it takes a while to be approved.

“It’s true that your parents must meet the VA pension eligibility requirements to qualify for the Aid & Attendance benefit.”

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