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Busting Senior-Care Myths: It Costs Too Much to Hire In-Home Care

Despite popular misconception, in home care for senior citizens can be quite an affordable option for caregiving to an elderly individual, and this fact becomes clear when the costs of in home care are analyzed side by side with other forms of care that are often assumed to be less expensive. A home health aide is an affordable option for in home care, which costs half the standard amount required to pay for a private nurse. To put the cost of in home care into better perspective, consider how much money you might be losing as a result of not getting the necessary assistance for your loved one. Many family members who take on the responsibility of caregiving exclusively end up with lost wages due to fatigue, reduced hours, and similar issues. In the grand scheme of things, affordable in home care options like a home health aide are well worth it and reasonably priced.

Key Takeaways:

  • Seniors who want to stay home but need help with medical tasks may not know a full-time home aide can be cost effective
  • The median cost of full time health aides are only $4,099 per year
  • Long-term care insurance may cover some or even all costs of in-home care

“If you’re feeling the strain of caregiving plus family responsibilities and work, or if you live too far away to provide care in person, it’s time to take a closer look at the myth that in-home senior care is unaffordable.”

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