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Best Guide to Bathroom Safety for Seniors

As we all will eventually reach an age where the bathroom can for many not only become an obstacle course but dangerous as well this article offers up some safety tips for our aging seniors and ourselves in later years. Creating a safe bathroom is a task not too difficult for many. Whether it be safety bars for holding to get up and down on the toilet or adding a shower chair in the tub to avoid slips and falls this article provides these tips and more of the same to stay safe in the bathroom for aging adults.

Key Takeaways:

  • Senior bathrooms should be equipped with toilets that feature elevated seats and nearby hand rails for maximum safety
  • Showers and tubs should be equipped with hand rails to ensure senior safety while getting into and out of the tub or shower
  • More than half of all falls suffered by elderly people occur within the home, and oftentimes in the bathroom, so safety measures are important

“Our tub or shower is our sanctuary, but without the proper safety equipment, this is another bathroom hot spot.”

Read more: https://senior.com/best-guide-bathroom-safety-seniors/