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Best Buy Starts Selling Senior Care Product Line

As innovations in technology continue to grow, many retailers are looking to more niche type products that will attract certain types of customers. One of these more recent trends is seen in that of Best Buy, as they have begun carrying senior-targeted devices. In doing so, the retailer will sell these products as a means of catering to a different target customer, through detailed explanation of how and why certain tech products are crucial for any senior living by themselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best buy has begun to provide technologies for senior care which is a sector that technology is beginning to cater to
  • Best buy like other companies that deal in technology realize that more and more products need to be aimed at a growing elderly population
  • These technologies make it possible for some senior citizens to not have to worry about being forced to move into retirement communities

“Recently, Best Buy began selling an entry-level package of its own remote-monitoring equipment geared toward seniors aging at home, as well as their loved ones who want to keep an eye on them from afar, Bloomberg reports.”

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