Endeavor Home Care’s Top Elderly Travel Tips

Summer vacations are something everyone looks forward to! Exploring new destinations, leaving the worries of our everyday world behind, checking items off our bucket lists. And helping a senior loved one enjoy such a thrill makes it all the better. You will find, however, certain factors to keep in mind that can help pave the way to successful elderly travel:

  • Schedule a pre-trip physician visit. To be certain your senior family member is physically able to comfortably cope with the rigors of a lengthy car trip or air travel, and all that your intended destination has to offer, a check-up with the senior’s doctor is essential. You can use this opportunity to determine what prescription medications he or she must take along, any kind of dietary restrictions to adhere to, and any other concerns or tips to keep in mind.
  • Keep your plans senior-friendly. You’ll want to plan plenty of time for rest, and figure out the top points of interest that you want to make a goal to see, with a few other backup choices which might be added in if your elderly loved one’s tolerance allows. It’s also useful to research available amenities provided to senior citizens – motorized scooter and wheelchair rentals, accessible entrances and walkways, preferential seating and also early admission times, and so on.
  • Plan for the unexpected. Keep a directory of emergency contact numbers in your phone, and take a printed list as well. It’s also useful to verify the location of the closest hospital to where you’ll be staying, together with other possibly necessary amenities such as restrooms and areas to stop for meals, refreshments, or additional supplies. Also be sure your family member has an identification card with your name and cell phone number listed, in the event that he/she happens to become separated from you.
  • Take it easy and enjoy yourself! It’s natural to fall into a pattern of protection with our aging loved ones, and certainly we would like to keep them safe; but take care not to let the pendulum swing too far as to become restrictive or patronizing. Allow sufficient opportunities for your elderly loved one to express himself and explore to his heart’s content with openings such as, “What do you want to look at next?” or “Let’s give this a try!”

Did you realize that Endeavor Home Care offers patient, caring San Diego caregivers to provide accompaniment services that make elderly travel as safe and enjoyable as possible for families, allowing them to focus on simply taking pleasure in quality time together and making lasting memories? Call us today at (480) 535-6800 for more information!