5 Warning Signs of a Stroke, and How to Act FAST

Improve recovery after a stroke by acting immediately when symptoms arise.

Recovery after a stroke may be impacted by how quickly a stroke is recognized and treated. It’s important for all of us to recognize the warning signs of a stroke, a condition that is both serious and increasingly prevalent. The National Stroke Association lists stroke as the 5th leading cause of death in America, with upwards of 800,000 individuals having a stroke every year. This translates to every 40 seconds a person somewhere in the U.S. is experiencing a stroke and every 4 minutes somebody dies from a stroke.

If you are caring for an elderly or chronically ill friend or family member who is at a heightened risk for stroke, it’s essential to be sure that you’re able to spot the signs and symptoms of a stroke. The sooner you get assistance, the more likely your loved one will live through the stroke. Warning signs of a stroke include sudden onset of:

  • Feelings of weakness or numbness in the arm, leg, or face – predominantly on one side of the body 
  • Trouble with speaking or understanding and confusion 
  • Blurry vision or problems with sight 
  • Difficulties with walking, feeling dizzy, loss of balance or coordination 
  • Major headache without a known cause 

If you notice these potential signs of stroke in someone, remember to act F.A.S.T.

Face: Ask the individual to smile and notice if one side tends to droop.

Arms: Ask the individual to lift both arms. Does one arm seem to be drooping downward?

Speech: Ask the individual to repeat a very simple sentence. When he does, observe if speech slurs or if the person is unable to form words the proper way.

Time: Time is of the essence! If you notice any of the above symptoms, call 911 right away or make sure the person gets to a hospital as soon as possible!

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